prayer-ljubljana विश्वशान्‍ति की प्रगति और इस विषय में जनता में जागरूकता बनाने के लिए परमहंस स्वामी महेश्वरानंदजी ने विश्वभर के धर्मिक गुरुओं और जननेताओं के बीच सम्वाद करवाये हैं और धर्म एवं जनता के प्रतिनिधियों के साथ विश्वशान्‍ति के लिये प्रार्थनाएँ आयोजित की हैं । स्वामीजी अन्‍तर्राष्ट्रिय सम्मेलनों और सभाओं में लगातार सक्रियता से भाग लेते रह्ते हैं।
  • Interreligious Forum organized by the Interfaith Center of Melbourne at St. Michael's Church, participants beside Vishwaguruji: The Right Reverend Philip Huggins, Bishop of the Northern and Western Region, Anglican Diocese of Melbourne, Murshida Nuria Daly, International Sufi Movement in Australia, Freeman Trebilcock, Tibetan Buddhist, Founder of InterAction, Moderator: Dr. Nicholas Coleman, Head of Religious Education, Wesley College, March 31, 2011, Melbourne
  • Keynote speaker at the opening of the 1st Australia Australia Conference "In the Spirit of Union",  in recognition of his contribution to yoga worldwide and his contribution to yoga in Australia, April 02, 2011, Melbourne
  • Handing over a Peace Tree to the director and teachers of Tauondi Aboriginal College, April 14, 2011, Adelaide, South Australia
  • Meeting and amicable exchange of ideas with Monsignor David Cappo, Vicar General of the Archdiocese South Australia, April 15, 2011, Adelaide
  • "Journey of Peace and Friendship Honouring the Ancient Culture and Living Wisdom of the Aborignal Peoples of Australia", Adelaide - Uluru - Alice Springs, sitting with desert communities along the way. With the message of Mahatma Gandhiji and Sri Swami Madhavanandaji, in support of the UN Rio +20 themes and the Earth Charter Initiative. April 17-27, 2011
  • Peace Tree plantings along the Peace Journey to Uluru: Port Augusta April 17, 2011 / Coober Pedy April 19, 2011 / Alice Springs April 27, 2011